Enable easy management of your real-estate business with a Zillow clone

Enable easy management of your real-estate business with a Zillow clone

If you are a business owner who is looking for approaches to effectively manage your real estate business, then your solution is here. Take your business online and develop it in no time. Build a Zillow like app for your business and launch it in the market. Reach a larger audience and provide the best service possible via the online platform. This will effectively help in expanding your business, gaining a loyal customer base, and yielding good profit. Let us have a glimpse of the key features that you can add to the app:

Infinite listings:
The real-estate marketplace app should be robust enough to handle all the listings put up by the users. Also, the user should find it easy to list their property.

Quick registration:
Users or agents can register instantly via the app using their phone numbers or email IDs.

Buy, rent, or lease:
Users can buy a property, rent it via the app, or lease a house for a limited period. Appropriate filters should be available to refine the search process.

Location-based search:
Customers should be allowed to search for properties by specifying a fixed radius or using locations.

In-app calculator:
With the help of the calculator available in the app, users can quickly calculate rent to be paid, mortgage, and more.

Custom fields:
Users will have a list of fields to fill out while they list their property in the app, and this will increase their chances of selling the property in a short time.

Premium agents:
On availing the premium membership, agents will be able to obtain more exposure as they will be the first ones on the list when a user searched for an agent.

Bottom line:
With all these advanced features in the app, it will become a hit among your audience. They will lean towards your Zillow clone app, provided you offer high reliability and instant service.



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