Establish a secure and instant cryptocurrency trading platform with Bitpay clone

Establish a secure and instant cryptocurrency trading platform with Bitpay clone

Surface your business venture in the cryptocurrency exchange platform by launching a Bitpay clone. The cryptocurrency exchange application runs on a decentralized network, backed with distributed ledger technology.

At Appdupe, we develop Bitpay clone apps that come with many notable features. Here are some of those features.

Security is the prime concern for any business. We never compromise on that. The app employs two-factor authentication to ensure the safety of user accounts from hacking.

The app supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.,

The app has an integrated wallet that allows users to store their funds and can be withdrawn at their convenience.

Commission fees have always been the greatest concern for investors. The application deducts less commission rate for transactions.

The app can be accessed from any place/device, to facilitate the accessibility of global users.

In addition to these inbuilt features, there are paid plugins that can be integrated according to your requirements. Now, let us get through the basic functioning of the app.

Users will log into the app by completing the registration.

Buyers will see for a suitable advertisement to make the trade.

If found, the buyer will contact the seller, to proceed further.

Once the buyer and the seller agree to terms and conditions, they will make the transaction.

A certain amount from the transaction will be deducted by the admin as a commission fee.


Reach our developer team today, to get your Bitpay clone script. We offer highly customizable, and scalable solutions that will fall under your budget.



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