Launch an income-generating Online Job Marketplace Platform

Launch an income-generating Online Job Marketplace Platform

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to set up a job marketplace app? Then, the best way to do it is via an online platform. You can hire the most experienced app development company in the market and build an efficient Upwork clone platform to connect freelancers and recruiters. It has multiple monetization strategies and will help in taking your business to greater heights. If you want to get a complete overview of the ways to earn money via the app, then go ahead and read this blog.

Listing fee:
When a recruiter wants to list a project on the app, they have to pay a project listing fee via any one of the payment gateways available. Once they pay successfully, they can list any number of projects on the app.

Test commission:
Provide skill tests to the freelancers who register with the app to know their major skillset. You will receive a commission for each time the user takes up the test.

Employer commission:
Each time when an employer completes a project listed or recruits a freelancer, a fixed commission can be cut-down.

Freelancer commission:
A commission can be charged for freelancers for winning project bids or receiving a payment from their employer.

Featured list fee:
Include freelancers who pay the feature fee to the featured list. Employers will be able to find them quickly when they are looking for related freelancers.

Private fee:
Allow employers to safeguard their projects and other related information from search engines or users who have not registered with the app. On paying the fee, this feature will be provided to them.

Wrapping up!
Along with the aforementioned revenue streams, there are a few more that will help you generate high revenue. Structure an app development plan and launch your Upwork clone app in a few days.



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