On-demand service for handyman: timely services for its users.

On-demand service for handyman: timely services for its users.

House requires constant repair and maintenance; for this, we need workmen like carpenter, plumber, etc. Usually, we call in the handyman near our house, but we can get the work done only when they are free. So we have scheduled the work as per their convenience. There is an alternate for all these issues, Uber for handyman application gives timely service for its users. It has an interactive user interface for solving customer queries. All the users need to do is create a profile, search for the required service, and connect with the handyman. The handyman can view the profile of the customer requiring their service. A Unique code sent to both customers and the agent. It ensures a two-way authentication. They can either accept or reject the service based on their availability. Payment made to the handy for every service.

Handyman apps like Uber have administrators earn for each transaction and also get a commission from the agent. They can view the profits made and see the suggestions for the areas of improvement.

Building the An App like Uber for handyman requires the developer to incorporate the following features:

User’s App:
Search for service
Booking Handyman
Transaction history

Admin’s App
Manage Earnings
Modify content
Statistics and analytics

Delivery agent’s app:
Earnings panel

Business models of On-demand delivery app for handyman:
Business to customer model:
B2C apps allow transactions of goods or services between providers and customers.
Business to Business model:
B2B models are, especially for the business people. Their agencies hire handymen and give them to customers on demand. The application provides its users with a list of available locations.
Customer to customer model:
The model offers services directly to the customers; there is no middle man involved.

Benefits of on demand service app:
Timely service
Convenient usage
Real-time tracking
Discounts & offers
Quick payments
Transparent working



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