Top 3 business models worth considering for Foodpanda app clone

Food delivery apps are popular among people. Restaurants are gradually opting for food delivery services to expand their business. The necessity for the Foodpanda app clone has increased more than ever. The market report says that, in 2017, the on-demand food delivery market was valued at $81.56 billion, and it will hit $161.74 billion by 2023.

The business model of food delivery app:
These are the models that can be used in the development of the Foodpanda clone script.

Order only model
In this model, users order food items through an app like Foodpanda. Then the restaurant takes care of the packaging and delivery of the delicacies. In comparison with all the other models, it is simpler to develop and requires fewer resources. The food delivery app get a commission fee from the restaurant for every order. Most of the popular food delivery apps function based on order only model.

Order and deliver model
Top food delivery apps like DoorDash, Zomato, and Swiggy are using the order and delivery model. In this model, the restaurants need not invest in the packaging and delivery of food items as the food delivery app takes care of it. This model requires resources such as a team of drivers, customer executives for users, drivers, and restaurants.

Integrated model
The integrated model takes care of the entire value chain, starting from the order to cooking and the delivery process. This model is popularly opted by restaurants who want to expand their customer base.

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