Foodpanda clone script: The features and technology stack involved in food delivery app development

According to Statista, the online food delivery app’s revenue is going to reach $136 billion by 2020, so it is the right time to invest in the Foodpanda clone script. People across the globe are ordering through these food delivery apps for the convenience it offers.

Features and the technology stack used to develop it:

These are some of the features and technology stack used by primary food delivery services like Foodpanda, Grubhub, Zomato, etc.

Menus: It is an integral part of any food delivery service application, as this is the main source of ordering food. The menus should have a wide category and layout so that it is intuitive and easily accessible.
The technologies used for menu creation: Grubhub semipublic API can be used to get the database of 1000 + restaurants according to your preferences.

Secure payment gateway: The details of the users must be safe and secure, so there is a need for a secure payment gateway.
The technologies used for secure payment gateway: Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and Square’s API.

GPS tracking: Users can be aware of the current status of the delivery agents by using the GPS tracking features. On the other hand, the delivery agents use the Foodpanda clone to locate the customers’ place.
The technologies used for tracking: Core location framework in iOS and Google’s Places API for Android.

Ratings and reviews: This feature has the reviews given by fellow users so that users can order food items better. There isn’t a specific tool for reviews and ratings.

Suggestions: The Foodpanda clone script offers suggestions to users based on their previous order and the search history.
The technology used for suggestions: Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are used to predict the users’ preferences.

App developers can use these aspects during on-demand food delivery app development. Business owners can use this more cost-efficient option of getting a fully-fledged Foodpanda clone app from leading app development companies like UberEatslikeApp.

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