Gojek clone: Prospects and benefits of owning the multi-services app

People are mainly using on-demand platforms for their essential needs and other requirements. It will be useful for the people if there are integrated platforms for all the delivery services in one location. The Gojek app is one such consolidated platform that supports multiple services. The main perk of using these services is that they are rendered at the users’ place, that too by experienced professionals. It will be beneficial for the app owners to run the business through these apps. Ubereats Like App Offers clients with a fully developed Gojek app clone script that has attractive and unique features. The Gojek clone app is divided into three subsets, and these subsets are listed below:-

Go-jek: It includes the transport and delivery services such as bike riding, taxi booking, food delivery, courier service, truck service, medicine delivery, and coupon deals.

Go-pay: It is the subset of payment services that offer go-pay service, billing service, Go-points for getting tokens, and many more.

Go-Life: It consists of on-demand services like massage, beauty, home clean, and auto repairs services.

The features supported by Gojeck clone source code are the following:-

Social media integration
Save favorite locations
Multiple payment methods
Live tracking
SMS/ Email notifications
Booking history
Discounts and coupons

Most of these features are common to all the services like the delivery service, professional service, and ride services.

Gojek clone app development has the following unique benefits:
More revenue:- As the application has several facilities, it will attract more customers, and this ensures more profits for the owners. The same drivers can be used for multiple services so that app owners can reuse human resources.
Handle multiple services: Gojek clone offers more than 52+ on-demand services in a separate app. Users can make use of these services even simultaneously as per their convenience.
The app like Gojek, is widely used amongst people. It would be a one-time investment for the owners for owning these applications. This is the right time to invest in these multiservices apps as the market is on a steady rise.

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