How To Make Money From YouTube Videos

Simple tactics on how to make money on YouTube after the new Partner Program update.

YouTube has changed the partnership program…

to kill off all smaller YouTubers, that sounds terrible. Oh, my lord but is it true? Why would you two want to kill off smaller channels that will inevitably become bigger channels? Which will then generate lots of revenue for them in the end that makes no sense, let’s look into the Pacific Ocean. Let’s just look at the specifics. So what has YouTube actually done; YouTube has removed monetization for YouTube channels with less than a thousand subscribers and to achieve less than 4,000 watch time hours of YouTube a year, okay, fair enough I imagine if I wasn’t a Youtuber in this position I’d be incredibly angry I’d be up in arms why is YouTube taking my money away? This is Logan Paul’s fault! First of all, this isn’t being done to combat locking login Paul. He’s the Canadian everyone loves. He chops the trees he logs him down login Paul subscribed first of all this isn’t being done to combat Logan Paul. That’s a bit of a nonsensical conclusion, a bit of a coincidence really when you think about it when isn’t Logan Paul doing something that you’re offended by think. Literally probably right now if you’re watching this three months after the whole forest thing happened but I’m not trying to sue it decide with him. Okay, no no that was a Jake that was Paul-ling your leg these jokes are appall-ling. Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just wordplay. It’s just wordplay. You know what they say laughter is the best medicine. Give them the puns, pun on the haters so no this has absolutely nothing to do with Logan Paul. This is YouTube’s attempt to combat the original reasons for the ad-pocalypse.


Youtube Rules

Remember those terrible videos that had ads on them last year. I don’t either. I never ended up watching any of those I still don’t know where they existed but they did and advertisers were angry so they pulled out and a lot of money left youtube hence the situation when right now-now it does seem that. YouTube trying to combat this in this way is kind of like burning your house down to kill the spiders in it. But I do think it’s a step in the right direction. Let me explain you Oh-ho! He got that in one take! Know those videos that front-page Reddit with the incredibly inappropriate content in them like with the police brutality, the animal cruelty, the fisticuffs, that type of thing well those usually aren’t uploaded by YouTubers who upload consistently and have over a thousand subscribers but usually uploaded by one-offs. And these are bad for the ecosystem because by the time the algorithm tries its best to find these videos to demonetize. They’ve already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and therefore have had ads on them 100,000 times; advertisers see that they get angry. Why is my ad for an airplane on this video of animal cruelty? That’s horrible. They pull out everyone makes less money. It’s bad for everyone. That’s just how it works. One sentiment I’ve seen in my mentions on Twitter a lot this week is: “Evan this still isn’t fair. They’re taking away my money, and I’m going to lose all my motivation for making YouTube videos”. And I’ve got two big problems with that statement.

Youtube Monetization Rules

Money should not be our prime motivation when making YouTube videos especially when you’re just starting out I’m gonna be completely Honest; if this move by YouTube stops a lot of people from making videos that we’re just doing it for the money I’m not gonna lose much sleep at night. The platform is saturated enough as it is if you’re just doing things for a buck. Just watch just stop I don’t want to watch your stuff. My second problem with the statement is that it’s grossly. Over-valuing the amount of money that these smaller YouTubers that are affected by this cut have been making. If the YouTuber is unable to make 4,000 watch time hours a year chances are they were not being paid by YouTube in the first place. Let’s say you’re a smaller YouTuber that’s been affected by this and your average watch time per video is about 5 minutes long. Well, you would need 48 thousand views per year in order to qualify for the partner program. And even if you did make that cut off 48 thousand views roughly equates to 48 dollars which means you would not have been paid for an entire year anyway as YouTube only pays out in increments of$100 so you would have had to have worked for 2 full years. And then some just to get your first paycheck of $100 so you were not making money anyway.

So, if money was your prime motivation like oh man, I’m so demotivated. What do you — Wow you weren’t making money in the first place? It was literally just pretended money like Bitcoin. So basically, these channels that are now not able to make money. Never really made money in the first place or at least they made $100 in the last two years.

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