Roll out your video streaming service with Netflix Clone App from AppDupe

People never miss out on new series from Netflix. Movie-enthusiasts can’t imagine a day without Netflix. After a tiring week of work, everyone wishes to spend the weekend by binge watching their favorite series/movies at the comfort of their couch.

With a dedicated team of developers who curate Netflix clone script you can make your business stand away from your competitors.

Early stages in App development:

Do market research and know which company best aligns with your business goals and budget.
Book a slot to explain your business idea. The company will collect and document your business requirements.
In the next stage, the company will propose a model based on the user inputs.
Hence follows the user approval and system design.
The front end and back end coding will be implemented.
The user-listed features will be added to the functionality.
Simultaneously, each feature will be subjected to unit testing to check whether the feature meets the user requirements.
Once done with unit testing, system testing follows, in which the modules will be tested against the test cases.
Well, now the product is ready for deploying and maintenance aftermath.

Features vested with Netflix Clone Apps:

With the video category feature, listing has become simple. The category listing ranges from movies, series, short films and even favorites.
Instant notification to intimate the users about newly added movies/series.
Users can even share videos in social media by a simple on-touch sharing feature.
Apart from these generic features, Netflix clone apps can also be developed with some additional features like Bitcoin Wallet integration, Ad service integration and also Custom pay integration.

On a concluding note, with Netflix clone you can integrate almost every feature you will need for your business.

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