Technology-enabled Coinbase clone app to suit your business needs

The inbuilt security features in the Coinbase app make it easier for business people to make quick and safe digital transactions. It supports hundreds of cryptocurrency coins and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, etc. The cryptocurrency exchange clone script has all the features of Coinbase, apart from that it also has certain unique features.

Advanced features of Cryptocurrency Exchange clone platform

Essential features in the Bitcoin Mobile Application is not enough to lure more customers into using the cryptocurrency exchange app. It is time to hire digital cryptocurrency exchange app developers for your Coinbase clone app development to build a robust and feature-packed crypto exchange platform. The features are the advanced features of digital currency exchange app:

Multiple coin support: The exchange platform supports popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Push-Notification: It updates users about the status in the transaction process. Developers should also include settings features that allow them to regulate the frequency of notifications.

Transaction History: It offers two options to view the transaction history the simple view and a detailed view. Users can choose a view as per their convenience.

Live Market: Users can view the current value of the cryptocurrency so this enables them to easily make transaction decisions.

Post ads: Users can advertise their coins they wish to sell by this by this prospective buyers can get crypto coins easily.

Two-factor authentication: It ensures enhanced security for the users. In addition to entering an account using a username and password, second layer authentication is also needed. OTP can be used as an authentication factor.

Bitcoin exchange clone script is a ready-made product that can be quickly accessed and customized to suit the requirements of the clients. Make use of this user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform for your business


Cryptography exchange platform: Pros of using the platforms

Cryptocurrency is the widely used currency among the business tycoons. The reason for the high demand is that it has an international standard, the non-involvement of government regulation, and provides a means of regular income. The digital currency exchange script supports many currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Of all the Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is popular as it is one of the earliest in the market.

The benefits of using digital currency exchange script
Security: There are several layers of protection to keep the details of the users and the transactions secure from third-party interference.

High Volume trade: The platform supports numerous transactions to occur simultaneously. Most of the exchanges take place immediately.

Listing: Users can list the cryptocurrencies they want to exchange. The script supports popular cryptocurrencies.

Minimal fee: The platform charges a low fee for every transaction. There is no tax involved in crypto exchanges.

The steps involved in using bitcoin trading script:

Registration: The users need to first create a profile for transactions; it includes all the necessary details.
In-app support: The customer support provides 24/7 help to the users.
Coin pair: It allows customers to pair the coins, upon which the trading process can be initiated.
Trading: It involves matching the right pair and finding the appropriate means of exchange.
Commission: The detection of a small fee for the owners of the bitcoin trading script.

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