Significant features to include in Dating app development

Tinder is the most popular dating app. It uses geographic proximity as the main tool and offers users profiles based on it. Users can swipe right for a match and swipe left otherwise. In case of a mutual match, a date is set. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tinder is available in over 196 countries, and most of the users are US-based. During dating app development, try to include the advanced features according to the preferences of the users.

Registration: Users can signup by providing the basic details or also use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Matching: Users can set filters according to their preferences based on factors like gender, location, age, etc. Relevant profiles are listed to the users.

Private chat: When both users have swiped right, they can communicate via private chat. The messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, so the data stored are completely secure.

Push Notifications: Users will receive notifications about likes, matches, and messages. During dating app development, developers can also include alerts for the latest features and app updates. It is an important way to retain customers to use the app.

Security aspects: Users can report other fellow users in case of abuse or harassment. The admin will be immediately informed of this, and they can review it and take necessary actions. It is crucial to include privacy & safety features to gain users’ trust.

Users anonymity: The selection and details of users are protected. Third-parties and hackers cannot misuse this information.

The usage of dating apps is increasing with each passing day. Build an app like Tinder and utilize the prospering market. Appdupe offers a full-fledged dating clone app with all the salient features offered by popular dating apps.