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7 YouTube SEO Best Practices For 1st Page Rankings -€“ Free Download

7 YouTube SEO Best Practices

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Few words about why you should create videos and rank them on YouTube and Google.

People love to watch. This is why television and movies are so popular.

People like to watch because it’s easy and relaxing when you can just sit back and watch anything instead of reading articles. Just like that.

This is why YouTube is 2nd largest search engine of the World. And this is the reason why you should take advantage of this free traffic on autopilot. Just rank your video and collect leads, sales and build your brand.

Because videos create authority and trust, which are essential when it comes to selling.

And in addition to that thumbnails of videos that are ranked in Google stands out of the the bunch regular text links, so it’s the only colorful ad you can have on Google search results page.

Do I need to say more?

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