Video streaming rose 20% globally amid Coronavirus lockdown: Join this thriving sector

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, several nations across the world are under lockdown to curb the virus transmission. In that event, people quarantining themselves are turning to video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., to pass their time and ease their sense of isolation. This led to the surge in the use of video streaming platforms by 20% worldwide.

Existing players and the new ones

Existing on-demand video streaming apps are seeing a steady increase in their subscriber rate. They are planning to reduce their subscription fee as a step to draw the attention of their potential audience.

Apart from the major players in this thriving industry, several new businesses are also launching their video streaming apps to take advantage of the current business environment. You can also join them by launching your own app like Netflix and make the most out of the growing video streaming business.

Post-pandemic condition of these platforms

The viewers who recently subscribed to the video streaming platforms are more likely to stay even after everything returns to normal, as they are embracing the variety and flexibility of the medium. That way, you will have a considerable amount of users to your business even post-Coronavirus times.

How you can get a video streaming app developed

If you decide to take the opportunity to set up your video streaming service, the first thing you should do is to get the app developed. You can develop the app in two ways.

Development from scratch: You can start with planning your app design, wireframe, jotting down feature-set, and finally getting into the app development.

Customization of a clone app: You can personalize a readily available app solution like Netflix clone as per your business needs. These apps come with all needed features pre-loaded.

While the former demands a considerable amount of time and monetary resources, the latter saves you both. Thereby, it is advised to go with the customization of ready-made apps for your app development. It helps in launching your app in the shortest time possible, helping you take advantage of the current situation.

Wrapping up,

The video streaming app businesses are growing, and it never sees a slowdown anytime soon. People are flocking to these businesses, leading to surging in their revenue. Connect with a leading app development company in town and get your app developed in a jiffy. Launch it on the available app stores and start generating high returns.

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