What are the perks of using an e-learning app like Udemy?

E-learning apps have redefined the ways we learn. As per students’ interests, they can search and locate the courses they want to learn through an E-learning app like Udemy. According to Technavio reports, the e-learning sector has grown between $6.22 billion between the period of 2017 and 2022.

The core advantages of building an app like Udemy

Flexibility: Users can login any time and anywhere and learn the courses. There is no specific schedule involved in the process of learning through Udemy like apps.
Self-paced learning: Each course has the duration upon completion of the course, users are awarded the certificate. There is no fixed period of time within which users have to complete the course. After enrolling they can learn at their own pace.
Lower costs: In comparison to the costs involved in getting home tuitions or attending classes, the cost involved in building learning apps like Udemy is far lesser. Users can attend classes, have access to materials, take up assignments, and more upon enrolling in a course.

Innovative features of Udemy app
Autocomplete: Users need not type in the entire course name to locate the course. They can simply type in the keywords then relevant results will appear. Most of us are familiar with autocomplete as it helps in getting the full-name of each course.

Filters: Students can set filters across various categories such as course type, topic, language, price, and so on and quickly locate the course.

Recommendations: The AI and Machine Learning engines offer recommendations for the courses based on their preferences of each student. These recommendations will increase the viability of courses and at the same time offer personalized learning experiences for users.

Feedback based rating system: Learners will check out reviews before logging into the courses. To gain the trust of students, it is recommended to offer genuine recommendations.

Teachers profile: Students can view the teachers profile and choose the courses that match their needs.

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