Aspiring to develop a HappyFresh clone? : Here are certain pointers worth considering

Aspiring to develop a HappyFresh clone? : Here are certain pointers worth considering

People use online platforms for their grocery shopping. The main reason behind this is that an App like HappyFresh offers a convenient means for the users to compare the products and prices before purchasing it.

Factors to be considered while developing HappyFresh clone
Decide on the business model

There are four types of business models: marketplaces, aggregators, grocery chains, and single store models.

1.Marketplaces model
Marketplace apps have their menus and delivery drivers to take orders and deliver groceries to the doorsteps. This model is suitable for beginners, as it is simple to develop such apps.

2. Aggregator model
It lists the nearby stores along with the menu, and once the order is placed, the concerned store is informed. The app takes care of the delivery of the products in this model. Examples of such apps are Instacart and Flipkart.

3. Grocery chains
The popular grocery chains have their online platforms to take care of the delivery of products. With these apps, customers can easily order products from their preferred stores. But the application only lists the products of a particular store.

Advanced features:
Features are essential aspects as these attract the customers and lure them into starting using these applications. HappyFresh Clone App Development should include features such as real-time tracking of delivery agents, 24×7 service, Multiple platform support, in-app chat, and many more.

Separate apps
Develop three separate apps like users, admin, store owner app, and delivery agents app. Each app should have features that are beneficial to its users.

The app should offer services at a lower rate for delivery and other charges at the beginning stage. Once they have established their place in the market, they can change it according to their convenience. Discounts and coupons must be offered to users frequently.

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