Gojek clone app: for all your on-demand requirements

The market for on-demand services is witnessing steady growth. Gojek like app development involves developing separate apps like users, admin, service providers( for on-demand services apps), and delivery agents( for on-demand delivery apps). People are opting for these platforms as all kinds of services are available in one app. The estimated revenue of Gojek is $9 billion as of now. So business owners can venture into this on-demand multi-services app sector with an App like Gojek.

Services offered by Gojek clone app
Gojek clone provides all the facilities that Gojek offers. Apart from that, there are a few advanced features too.

Taxi Booking apps: These services allow users to connect with the ride services they require. Once booked, the assigned driver provides services in the estimated time.

Food delivery: Users can order food from various restaurant lists and have it delivered to their doorsteps. Add to cart items allows user to include the items they like. Users can directly check from the cart.

Grocery delivery: Users can order groceries and similar products using these on-demand grocery delivery platforms. These panels have advanced features like in-app chat, real-time tracking, multiple payment options, etc.

Beauty & Salon: Using these services, users can get beauty services from their place. Users can select beauty treatment from the list of available services, and the beautician comes to the user’s place to render it.

Logistics: Business people can book the truck they need to transport goods, and then the drivers in the vicinity are intimated. These apps allow users to transport goods as per their convenience.

Car Washing: Whenever users require car wash, they can request for car wash services. Then it will be rendered to them. Users can view the contact and ratings of the assigned professional. Likewise, they can rate the service after rendered.

Business owners can get their Gojek source code from Ubereats Like App, considering the promising trends for such markets. It offers clients with a fully functional, user-friendly Gojek clone app. Contact us and get your clone app.

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