Gojek clone app: The Features to be part of the development process

Gojek is a multi-service app that is popular in most countries. The success of the Gojek has captured the attention of entrepreneurs to develop a multi-services app. These are essential features that are to be part of the Gojek clone app.

Features of Gojek clone app

Calculated ETA & fare assessment: Once the service is booked with Google maps’ assistance, it estimates the time and fares considering the factors like traffic and the distance between the places.

Notification: The users and the delivery agents/service professionals are updated from time to time of the progress. The notification message includes invoice, order details, and remainder alerts.

In-app support: The in-app support is available at all times to guide the customers through the order and other delivery related issues.

Transaction history: Using this feature, customers can view the details pertaining to their previous transactions in Gojek clone. After the order/service is complete, users receive a digital invoice with a detailed summary of the transaction. Likewise, the delivery agents can view the details of the customers they have attended in the past.

Service/product feedback: Feedbacks are a way for admins to understand the areas of improvement. Users can provide ratings and feedback. They can also select a product or professional for service providing using this aspect.

Payment gateway options: Users can pay using multiple payment gateways such as Credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, digital wallets like PayTM, etc.

Entrepreneurs can get a white-labeled Gojek clone script from UberEatslikeApp. Clients can change the name, logo, and many more according to their requirements. The maintenance and upgradation are taken care of by the developers. Contact us to get a free demo of the Gojek clone app.

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