Major Grocery delivery types that can be used for Bigbasket clone

People are finding these grocery shopping apps like a virtual supermarket, so they turn to it whenever they require something. For all the entrepreneurs aspiring to develop a BigBasket like app, here are some types of online grocery services

For small/solitary stores
Small retail shops have understood the need for online platform services. The catalog of items is listed for users to choose from, these products pictures and descriptions match the exact product as they found in the stores. Given that small business has around 100 customers, they can easily manage their business with a simple grocery app.

For Marketplace stores
These are apps were multiple stores host their products in a single platform. It is bound to lure more customers to the BigBasket clone as they have ample options to choose from. Given the size of the store networks, these businesses can usually afford to keep a dedicated delivery team and deliver throughout the day via the app.

Courier type services
These apps are not tied to a particular store. They take care of the pickup and drop-off of the groceries. It is more convenient for customers to get their essentials through courier type service apps. Usually, the app owners partner with supermarkets and enterprises across the cities. They have their own set of delivery agents to take care of the delivery.

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