Measures taken by an app like Foodpanda during the pandemic outbreak

Food delivery apps have become one of the most used on-demand services across the world. An app like Foodpanda is aimed at bringing users’ favorite food from their preferred restaurants to their doorsteps. Coronavirus has made people hesitant to use on-demand services, so to cope with that, the major food delivery applications have taken many precautionary measures.

Here are some of the measures taken by on-demand food delivery apps to protect their customers and employees

Deliveroo is picking up their food orders from a thermal bag placing on the floor, and delivery agents will wait at a distance of 1 meter.

GrabFood has new features using which users can report the delivery agents if they do not follow the precautionary measures. Delivery personnel can do the same when they come across sick customers.

On-demand food delivery app development does not allow delivery agents to touch the food containers, ensuring zero contact delivery with the food packages.

Grab has instructed all partners to measure their temperature twice a day, practice proper hygiene, and take other safety measures.

Foodpanda has been distributing face masks and sanitizers for all its employees, and they must have these items during delivery.

Grab and Deliveroo are supporting their delivery agents by providing financial support for those who are sick or isolated as a precautionary measure.

Food delivery apps have made it convenient for people to order food from any restaurant from their locality. Food ordering and delivery service providers aim to actively implement all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. So with these measures, the popularity of these services is going to increase. It would wise to invest in the Foodpanda clone app at these times. UberEatslikeApp offers a white-labeled Foodpanda clone with all the advanced features, and clients can customize the app to suit their needs. Visit our website to learn more.

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