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The cost of developing an Uber for handyman services app depends on various factors such as number of experts, cost of hiring your development team, technical expertise, etc. Hire a professional on-demand handyman app development team, to get an expert opinion on everything from scratch to launch. Ensure that your team integrates the best-in-class features in your app for a premium user experience.


The Ultimate Guide To Creating an MVP For Your Uber for Handyman App

The on-demand handyman service app is one of the most popular and profitable business ideas in the current market. As the millennial generation prefers comfort and convenience more than anything else, finding potential customers will no longer be a problem.


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The working mechanism of on-demand handyman apps and its scope in the current market

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Stats and techniques to run a successful Uber for handyman business

We live in an era, wherein people require quick and efficient service. So, Uber for Handyman app is the right choice for them. People are assigned handyman within minutes of booking them. Here are the current trends in the service sector.

Some statistics related to on-demand services:

The global on-demand home services market size is anticipated to reach $1.57 trillion during 2020-2024.
More than 65% of Americans use on-demand services. The number of commercial services has increased in recent years, so this percentage is expected to grow.
The demographic for the on-demand services is spread across countries like Japan, China, the US, the UK, Australia. The on-demand services are extensively used in these countries, and it is expected to grow in other countries, as well.
According to the New York Times, the US online home service sector is worth $600 billion. It is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period and post annual growth of almost 49% by 2021.

How to run a successful on-demand handyman app business?

Background checks for the service providers
As part of the registration process, every handyman has to submit the relevant documents, which include previous job proof, salary details, and identity proof. Once these details are verified, then the workers can be part of the on-demand services sector.

Charge appropriately
The main reason for people opting for this platform is that it is simple to avail of services and demands optimal service charges. So the developers must make sure that the charges for the services are computed accordingly. At the initial stage, it would be a great business strategy to offer services at a lesser price. After you have established your place in the market, you can change them to suit your needs.

Estimated time & fare
Once the worker is assigned, the on-demand handyman script should provide users with accurate arrival time and fare.

Make sure to include these aspects in your on-demand handyman app. It is better to opt for readymade clone app solutions offered by leading app development companies like Appdupe. As these solutions are while-labeled and scalable, the chances of success are high for these handyman clone apps.


Streamline the Operations of Your Handyman Service Industry with the On Demand Handyman Service App

The article will give readers an insight into the handyman service industry and its innovative creation the on demand handyman service app. Thereafter it will give them an idea on the nature of the app listing its advantages in detail and describing the reasons it should be adopted stating its operations in detail.


Premium feature set of Uber for handyman services app

Handyman app has made it convenient for people to get the household fixes done on time without any hassles. The experienced and skilled workers are part of the on-demand handyman app, so professionals’ quality work is top-notch. Here are some of the distinctive features of the handyman services app.

Unique features of Uber for handyman services app:
Distinctive panels
The app has separate apps for the admin, service provider, and user with several features to suit the stakeholder’s needs.

Estimated time and fare
Once the handyman is assigned, the estimated time of arrival and service charge is listed to the users. By this, users get an idea of the total cost required for their fixes.

Location tracking
Users can keep track of the professional service agents using this feature. Likewise, the live tracking feature is used by the workers to locate the assigned customers’ place.

Secure payment modes
In order to make the payment modes convenient and seamless, the Uber for handyman services app offers multiple payment options for users to choose like credit/debit cards, digital wallets like G-pay and PayTM, etc. In addition to that, the payment modes are highly secure, so users need to worry while using these payment gateways.

Business owners can opt for readymade clone app solutions from Appdupe. Our developers will help you sustain in the market for an extended period. Get in touch with our experts and get the robust on-demand handyman script right away.


How to build an Uber for Handyman app?

When people need quick and efficient services, they make use of the handyman application. It is a forum connecting handyman with people. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are aspiring to be part of this booming sector. Here are some of the points to be considered while developing the Handyman app.

Aspects to consider while building on-demand handyman app:
Before starting with the development of Uber for handyman app, developers must consider the following factors.

Offer multiple services
The handyman app needs to offer multiple services like electrical, plumbing, duct cleaning, furniture assembly, home inspection, house cleaning, car cleaning services, and many more. This way, the users have the option to choose the required facilities they need. Handyman app will have more customers if they offer many services.

Efficient locator
Handyman app should have a technology-enabled locator so that only the professionals in the nearby locality are displayed to users.

Transparent Fare estimation
Once the handyman is selected, the fare must be listed based on the duration of working, service charge, and other factors. It would be useful for users to know the split-up of the services. Look out for the other features of the on-demand handyman app to understand the functioning of estimation of time and fare.

Multiple Payment methods
The on-demand services app should offer multiple payment gateway options. Even a layman should be able to make payment through that handyman app. Apart from the prominent payment modes like credit/debit cards, also include digital wallets like PayTM and G-pay.

Entrepreneurs can also get on-demand handyman script from well-known companies like Appdupe. It has all the advanced features required for recognition in the on-demand service sector. Visit our website to learn more.


Reason for the popularity of On-demand Handyman app

People prefer on-demand services to those traditional services agencies. The main reason for these is they provide prompt and quality services. Handyman app development involves creating separate apps such as users, admin, and delivery agents to suit the needs of the users.
Benefits of Handyman app:

The handyman app has made daily fixes and services easy to get. Let us look at some of the perks that it offers:

Timely services:
It is becoming challenging to find workmen like carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, etc., these days. Even if we get the one, timely services are not guaranteed. So people are opting for the handyman services app as they provide render fixes within hours of booking. Users can track the workmen using the real-time tracking feature.

24×7 services:
When there is a pipe leak that needs an immediate fix, people cannot access the service agency to fix it. Instead, they can opt for the Handyman service app as it provides prompt service. Also, the services are available all the time. Users can post their queries using the in-app chat facility and have it clarified.

Ease domestic qualms:
On-demand services app can be helpful even for the minor fixes. Like for example, it can be a total nightmare putting together furniture. Astonishingly, studies have found that it takes the average person 2-3 hours to assemble a piece of furniture. So users can opt for a handyman app and get it done in a flash.

Services offered by handyman app
The on-demand Handyman service offers a variety of services. Users can choose one to suit their needs. Some of the best jobs include,
1. Electrical work
2. Plumbing
3. Appliance repair
4. Air duct cleaning
5. Pest control
6. Painting
7. Bathroom Repairs
8. Drywall Services
9. Deck Finishing
10. Outdoor home Installations

Business people are opting for on-demand handyman Script offered by leading app development companies like Appdupe. These apps help them make a stand in the competitive market.


Uber for Handyman App for our daily fixes and maintenance

In this busy world, it is challenging to do all the daily chores without any assistance. Even when we find a workman, we’ll have to wait for their services. Whenever people need services like fixing leaking taps, fixing broken titles, unclogging pipes, and many other works, the Uber for handyman app comes to their aid. To use the app, the user has to login, request for the service, and connect with the handyman.
People prefer the Handyman app like Uber for their needs. The main reason for this is the timely and quality service provided by these apps.

These are the processes involved in building an app like Uber:

Ideation: The general layout of the application has to be decided by the development team. It includes the platforms to deploy, cost incurred for each process, features, and many other factors.

Design: The UI/UX designers take care of the front end development. It is an integral part of the app development process.

Development: It involves agile methodology to develop the front-end and back-end components. The development is an iterative process as it takes place again after the quality check.

Testing: In order to check the product quality, unit testing, regression, and regression testing are carried out. Apart from these usual testing procedures, advanced QA methods like speed tests, load testing, stress testing, and server load balancing as per the requirement also take place.

Launch: After testing, the launch of the application in platforms like Google play store and iOS app store takes place. This process also includes the promotion of the product in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It will be profitable to own an On-demand handyman app script considering the growing trends in the market. App owners need not burden themselves with the tedious task of app development as Appdupe offers white label clone apps with fully customizable features. Clients can change the name, logo, and many more according to their requirements. The maintenance and upgradation are taken care of by the developers. Visit our website to learn more.

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This article discusses about the Uber for Handyman Services and its advantages for the on-demand service industry.


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