Uber for Handyman App for our daily fixes and maintenance

In this busy world, it is challenging to do all the daily chores without any assistance. Even when we find a workman, we’ll have to wait for their services. Whenever people need services like fixing leaking taps, fixing broken titles, unclogging pipes, and many other works, the Uber for handyman app comes to their aid. To use the app, the user has to login, request for the service, and connect with the handyman.
People prefer the Handyman app like Uber for their needs. The main reason for this is the timely and quality service provided by these apps.

These are the processes involved in building an app like Uber:

Ideation: The general layout of the application has to be decided by the development team. It includes the platforms to deploy, cost incurred for each process, features, and many other factors.

Design: The UI/UX designers take care of the front end development. It is an integral part of the app development process.

Development: It involves agile methodology to develop the front-end and back-end components. The development is an iterative process as it takes place again after the quality check.

Testing: In order to check the product quality, unit testing, regression, and regression testing are carried out. Apart from these usual testing procedures, advanced QA methods like speed tests, load testing, stress testing, and server load balancing as per the requirement also take place.

Launch: After testing, the launch of the application in platforms like Google play store and iOS app store takes place. This process also includes the promotion of the product in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It will be profitable to own an On-demand handyman app script considering the growing trends in the market. App owners need not burden themselves with the tedious task of app development as Appdupe offers white label clone apps with fully customizable features. Clients can change the name, logo, and many more according to their requirements. The maintenance and upgradation are taken care of by the developers. Visit our website to learn more.

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