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Contrive a Udemy Clone app and make success yours!

E-learning apps like Udemy have brought in so many good aspects in the education industry and to learners who would like to learn new skills. Older days, an art student cannot learn a science course and vice versa. But with these E-Learning apps, no one has to worry about their qualification or education background to learn something new.

One could be an art student and can still learn about trigonometry and a science student can take up a course in literature. This is the core reason for why these apps are booming. And is the same reason why you should try to make an E-learning app like Udemy for a huge profit.

By offering new or professional courses to thousands of learners, the Udemy Clone can give a turn to your business.

Here is a brief glimpse of the application.


Language options: Language can be selected based on the region and target audience.

Admin dashboard: This gives the complete access to the course, they can set the price, structure of the course and other parameters.

Advertise: Post ads as per the advertisers’ needs or the season’s requirements

Instructor dashboard: Teachers will have a separate dashboard for the app where they can access the contents with ease.

Check-out cart: Using this, the users can have a seamless experience. They can opt for multiple courses via this feature.

Payment gateway: Users can pay for the courses by using any of the multiple payment options available.

Download sessions: Once the users have paid for the course, they can download the sessions. It is an on-demand feature.

Referral: The referral links can be sent to increase the user adoption and people can also earn rewards.

Notify users: Using this feature, users can get notified about the new features via push notifications or emails.

As a concluding thought, you can get the best Udemy Clone at an affordable price from Appdupe who would add more customized features along with the other options. Get a free demo to learn more about the script.

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