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The video is showing wow to make an advertisement video fast.

If you put that on Facebook,
I promise you it works super well.
Key is do things
that don’t look like they’re advertisements.
What is an advertisement?. Well, it’s a direct call to action.
It’s filmed in the landscape.
It has words all over it.
It is clearly self-promotional.
– What I’m hearing you say is that
don’t make your ad like everybody else’s ad.
Make it look like a social post, almost?
– Exactly. Facebook is looking at little snippets,
little tidbits of information, and deciding; well, you know what…
if Michael Stelzner resonates with Italian restaurants, then what are you gonna see more in the newsfeed?
More stuff on Italian restaurants.
Just like with Amazon, people who buy this also like to buy that.
So when you feed those little snippets through video,
it gives the algorithm the ability to figure out
what piece of content is next, and then be able to do the work for you.
– For anybody who’s really maybe not all-in yet
on Facebook ads, do you have a simple strategy
that you could suggest they employ
so they can kinda get their feet wet
and start seeing some wins?
– Let me give you something that is super powerful,
not that hard to do,
and something that anybody can do
no matter what kind of business person they are.
And that’s the 60 second “Why” video.
A one minute “Why” video starts with “when I was…”
When I was 18 I dropped outta high school
’cause I wanted to be a professional athlete.
Two, once you tell that story about what happened,
some kind of emotion, some kind of drama,
some kind of challenge, you say, “And because of that I believe that…”
that everyone should have a mentor.
I believe that there is a problem with the education system,
and the private sector and the education system
have to work together to create internships.
And then you say, “I am…”
I am Michael Stelzner, I founded Social Media Examiner.
So think about that.
Anytime you have a story.
It could be something simple.
When I was at Whole Foods this morning,
and I ordered a smoothie,
I got cut off by this woman who was mean.. I was gonna yell at her but then I realized,
you know, everybody’s dealing with something.
And I believe that we should all be kind,
because we don’t know the burdens
that other people are carrying.
– How does that simple formula work its way into an ad?
Is there something more to it than that, or is that all there is to it?
– That is the number one way to get people’s attention
and to be able to build trust.
Think about what people wanna see on social.
They don’t wanna see an ad, but they wanna be entertained,
they wanna be moved, the wanna learn,
they wanna be surprised.

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And the easiest way to get someone’s attention is to start with “when I was…”
So, when you tell stories, think about one minute.
40 seconds you’re telling that story,
15 seconds for your belief, and because of that “I believe that,”
five seconds just to say who you are.
Most people, they’re so busy selling,
they have it backwards.
No one cares who you are,
until you’ve demonstrated why they should care.
People buy because of who you are.
– Say we create these ads, and we get people to watch these ads.
What’s the next step then after that?
So you create five, 10, 15 of these,
and then you boost them for $1 a day.
And this is the thing that most people misunderstand, including a lot of people at Facebook.
The beauty of a boost,
is you can do that for $1 a day for seven days,
so you’ve spent $7 to test one piece of content.
We know that 90%, on average,
of the content you put out there will fail.

But not video ads, so use the commercial maker software Viddictive and enjoy.

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