Beneficial aspects of becoming part of Gojek clone app business

Gojek is an Indonesian based app that provides on-demand delivery and multiple services in a single platform. Usually, users have to download many apps to fulfill their needs. Using an app like Gojek can let them get all the services in one platform.

Some facts about certain Gojek app
Approximately 2 million drivers are part of the Gojek app.
On average, around 1500 people use the Gojek app in a minute.
Till date, the Gojek app has been downloaded 130 million times.
The estimated value of the Gojek app is $11 billion.

Benefits of owning the Gojek clone app:

Most of the attributes of the multiservices app are present in the Gojek clone script. Here are some of the perks of owning the Gojek clone app.

Handle within the single app: Gojek clone offers more than 30+ on-demand services in a single app. Admins can manage multiple services simultaneously.

More Revenue: An app like Gojek guarantees more revenue. As it offers multiservices like taxi, bike, and courier services, this app is bound to bring in more revenue and profits than other single-purpose applications. App owners get a nominal fee as commission for every order. It may come from a restaurant or supermarket owner in case of food and grocery delivery services, in the case of on-demand service apps, the delivery or professional agents provide the fee.

Resource Management: Using the multi-services app, the same driver can be part of two services: ride-booking and transport. By this, the app owners are optimizing human resources.

Gojek app has made it simpler and convenient for people to get requirements fulfilled. The advanced features like in-app chat, multiple payment modes, feedbacks are the main factors that have contributed to its extensive use. It is challenging to develop a Gojek app from scratch so that business owners can make use of ready-made clone app solutions offered by UberEatslikeApp. Connect with us to learn more.

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